About us

Cb Ltd. was founded in 1990 focusing on the design and engineering activity. Since 1993 we transformed to Cb – trade, services, construction, Ltd. Cb – trade, services, construction, Ltd. has remained as first part one of the groups. Cb focusing on market in construction, when in 1997, manufacturing and assembly department of the company was founded by Cb – mont Ltd. and in 2000 was created by the projection Cb – design, consulting, Ltd. which is focused on the design, engineering and consulting services.

Cb settled business since its inception in the building where the main business items are:

  • business and Trade (Cb – trade, services, construction, Ltd.): polycarbonate sheet trade Lexan, QUINN, Politec, Arla and a full polycarbonate panels + accessories, acrylic sheet (plexiglass), skylights, a system of sliding and fixed glazed aluminum structures,glazing system mounted partition walls, fiberglass sheets, coils and curves, sliding overlapping pools
  • manufacture, supply and installation (Cb – mont s.r.o.): skylights, roofs, glass walls and a full coats, winter gardens, stairs, construction of steel, aluminum and stainless steel, the system of sliding glazed and solid aluminum construction, glazing of loggias, mounted system partition walls, sliding overlapping pools, steel construction, noise protection elements
  • project-engineering (Cb – design, consulting, Ltd.): Project activities in the area: civic and residential buildings, building energy, industrial, hydraulic and civil engineering. Treatment and support: studies, audits, architectural design, supervision, engineering, construction supervision

Many years of experience in the market and improving and expanding our products and services we already has strong position on the Slovak market. Cb Ltd. has built an experienced team of professionals in all areas of business and own premises for our activities. Cb Ltd. disposes the necessary technical equipment (tools, machines, equipment, transportation and appropriate computing).

All companies Cb have since 2004 issued a certificate of quality management system ISO 9001.