Glass, solid walls and envelopes

Share of holes in exterior heat losses for structures was built before 1990 is about 40% – this condition results from the now inadequate sizing thermal glazed walls, skylights and windows. Typical representatives of defective panels are: single glazing, glass, wired, and Copal PANLUX.

The assortment and activities

  • replacement panels for walls glazed glass panels, polycarbonate sheets, polycarbonate panels or SEPLUX and MODULAR and fiberglass
  • economic facilities fiberglass sheathing wavy lines ELYPLAST
  • casing civil, industrial and other objects sandwich panels
  • anti-noise barriers
  • glass facade walls of public buildings of aluminum structures


Form and supply

Ideal materials for replacement, respectively for the reconstruction are filled polycarbonate chamber-ment plates and polycarbonate panels and SEPLUX MODULAR. Full casing according to the requirements sandwich panels, plates and so on. For covering buildings without thermal demands are fiberglass panels and arches with wavelet and trapezoidal profile – ELYPLAST.