Mountings and self-supporting stairs

The supporting structure

Stairs have self-supporting construction – stringer, which is formed by connecting the individual segments mechanically. Segments are welded by steel or by stainless steel elements made of Jakl profiles and sheets.

The cover arrangement of steel frame is powdered by different colors according to RAL scale. The cover arrangement of steel staircase is matte shade of steel stainless.


Anchoring monocoque construction-stringer

The stinger must be adequately anchored at both ends, it means into the floor and into the ceiling of departured and arrived floor. Due to the weight of the loaded custom staircase must be done in concrete anchor or in steel and concrete steel structures.

Stair steps (tread)

Standard treads are made from laminated solid wood – oak or beech, thickness around 40 mm. They have a slightly rounded leading edge boarding and surface treated with paint. Levels stepping surfaces may also be implemented in other versions.


The railings are structurally and functionally integral part of the staircase. Except security and assistance functions by movements are served as the reinforcing and stabilizing structure. Density railing panels are made in accordance with safety regulations and standards. The number of segments, their placement on the outdoor and indoor edge of the staircase arm determines ground shape (curvature) of staircase shoulders. The Railing is going to be realized in advance by the design or shape on the basis of the space.